We believe that our prices are both competitive and reflect the current market value. Knowing you have a Dog bred for a specific purpose will give peace of mind, and the knowledge that you will have a loyal and protective Animal. Below we have included a full explanation of our prices for your convenience.

Dear future Mastiff owner,

As a general rule of thumb, Atlanta's House of Neapolitan Mastiff does not sell adult dogs. The pups produced at this facility vary in price, depending on the animals used to produce the litter. We are a young kennel and we strive to produce an excellent quality animal. There are times when it will become necessary to breed with animals not owned by Atlanta's House of Neapolitan Mastiff (AHNM) and when this occurs, the price of puppies will depend of the services used by the facility. You can expect pups to be sold for as low as $800.00 and as high as $5000.00. It is the endeavors of AHNM to provide everyone that wishes to own a Neapolitan Mastiff with that opportunity. We will accept deposits on litters, and individuals will be offered the opportunity to pay for their pups with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We are not a puppy mill.

The best way, if you are interested in obtaining a pup would be to email and have your name placed on a list of people waiting for excellent quality pups. Upon receipt of emails from serious individuals, we will provide the pedigree and photos of the animals to be bred. We do not use natural breeding methods, which further assure good quality litters because this allows AHNM to determine the size of the litter to be produced. If we don't have a litter available, at the time when you wish to purchase your pup, we can always redirect to other breeders. We will only redirect to breeders that have proven themselves to be reputable, and will only produce top quality Neapolitan Mastiff Pups.

Like most people that are first time owners, we had to start as well. Our first Neapolitan Mastiff was a female and not knowing a lot about the breed, we paid $1500.00. As she began to grow, and as we began to learn more about the Breed, we quickly discovered that the animal we had purchased was not a true and good representation of the breed. We loved her never the less, and she proved to be one of the smartest animals anyone could have ever had as a friend and companion. We suggest that you visit the other Breeders sites, determine the type of animal you are looking for and approach it from that angle. There are many good dogs available, and if you do your research correctly, you will have a companion to love, that will protect you and still be a good representation of the Breed.


Wendell E. Halsell III, President