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Here we have packed information you will need to care for your new Neo throughout its entire life. If you have any information you think we could offer our prospective Neo owners, please drop us a line.


The Mastiff eats a lot! Your 10 kilo puppy may weigh about 60 kilos just six months later. It's important to feed the pup properly. A growth like that demands quality dog food if you want to bring up a strong and healthy fellow. The stuff you get at the supermarket may be alright for Mr. Smith's dog, but it's not good enough for your Mastiff!

There are many excellent quality food product on the market. One that is good for your budget and animal may not be good for the next persons budget and animal. We only suggest that you use a good quality premium dog food to maintain health and longevity.

Large Breed Puppy Formula

A very interesting story, I once asked my Vet, what dry dog food would you recommend. I asked this question because as I visited my local Feed Store, they were offering a different product each week. Each manufacturer claimed their food was the best and with so many choices, I really didn't know which food to use. My Vet responded, " many years ago, I use to raise and show dogs. There weren't anywhere near the amount of different dog foods available, and Dog Chow was one of the best" A frown came over my face because I would have never considered giving Dog Chow to anything! He saw the frown on my face and he responded, "I raised some mighty fine dogs on Dog Chow," he concluded with a smile on his face, you feed your animals what you feel best suits the particular animal. Just about any dry dog food will do if you supplement with a good vitamin.

The one thing you want to look for is a Dry Dog Food, that will produce a good tight stool, to assure good absorption of all the nutrients, a good vitamin will supply anything that the food lacks. I found this to be the best advise I had ever received. He told me a lot without telling me anything other than I and the particular animal needed to make our own choices as far as everyday feeding. In the case of a convalescing animal, he would make the choice!!!!

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"Big One" Leashes by Aspen

Do not let the young, Neapolitan Mastiff run and play too much. Limit its exercise because it must on no account be over-tired. Avoid rough games in the growing stage and ensure that all its energy is available to make healthy bones and muscles. Adult Neapolitan Mastiffs need a great deal of exercise. He should be taken on long walks twice daily.

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Living Conditions:

The Neo will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and a small yard will do. A solid doghouse with lots of bedding is usually enough to ensure winter comfort. Neos need a dry place to sleep, which must be soft to prevent pressure markings. In warm weather this breed needs plenty of shade and fresh water.

Puppy Kennel

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Health Problems:

Veterinarian Directory

Prone to Pano-Ostiosis (growing pains or also known as a temporary dysplasia) a condition which may occur when the dog is 4-18 months old and generally disappears on its own. Also prone to "cherry eye." The eye tissue protrudes more than normal and becomes red and inflamed. This condition is completely cured with minor surgery.

Molting is a matter of great concern for the inexperienced Neo Owner. Time and time again, people will run to their Vet because it looks like their animal has contracted mange. This is not the case and it will save you a great deal of money to study the Breed. Neo's will molt which means they will replace their old coat with a new coat. Don't be alarmed when this happens, its natural. Going to a Vet will be costly; this is because many Vets aren't familiar with the breed. When they scrape the skin and don't find mites, the bills will begin to go up because now they need a special test to find out what's going on, only to be able to find nothing. The the animal will begin to replace its coat all on its own.

If you intend to crop your animals' ears, it is extremely important that you keep the ears clean and check them on at least a weekly basis. Remember cropping the ears is personal choice and won't stop your animal from showing.

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These giant, short-haired dogs are easy to groom. Remove loose, dead hair with a rubber brush. This breed is an average shedder.

Rubber Brush

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"Big One" Leashes by Aspen

Barf is a list for dog and cat lovers who either already feed BARF, or want to learn more about the BARF diet. BARF - Bones and Raw Food. The BARF list is a community and we treasure the non-flaming approach on the list. We have lots of great discussions, share our stories, and develop great relationships between ourselves.

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Further Reading:

The Official Book of the Neapolitan Mastiff
By Sherilyn K. Allen

An excellent reference in our opinion, this book details most everything you need to take your dog through a long healthy life.

"Big One" Leashes by Aspen

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