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- Wendell.

About us:

Dear Reader,

In my early years as a child, I always loved dogs but I was never able to own one because my Mom had Asthma. My grandmother had died from asthma. The fact that we lived in the Midwest, if you owned a dog, that animal would have to live in the house at sometime and my mom couldn't be around the pet hair and dandruff. This being the case, around ten years of age, I started stealing peoples dogs. I wasn't a regular thief, because I would only steal your dog while you weren't at home and have your dog back before you returned. By the time I was thirteen, I had every dog in the neighborhood trained.

There was a shopping center several blocks from my neighborhood and this is where I would normally go with the dogs. Without really knowing what I was doing, I was actually giving these animals social skills that would normally be tied-up in someone's back yard. Most of these dogs were of the nature that they would bite anyone, sometimes even the owners. Our neighborhood was a little rough around the edges and many of these dogs were kept to protect persons and property, so they weren't pets.

I got caught one day while in the shopping center. I had taken this female Great Dane. She was three years old and had never been bred. This was the meanest dog you ever laid eyes on. She had been known to bite anyone that she was around. The family had tried to keep her in the house but anytime they had company, they would have to put this dog out to keep her from biting. Well this particular day, the owner was at this shopping center and saw me with their dog. I ran with the dog and by the time they got home, the dog was back in their yard. Well they came to visit me and my parents. They told my mother and father what had happened and at first my parents didn't believe if because they knew this dog would bite any and everybody. The family that owned the dog wanted to know how I had gotten her out and why she hadn't bit me, so we all went down the street to their home. I had bought my own choker and leather leash so when we arrived at their home, I took my equipment and went back into the yard and came out heeling the dog. Need I tell you they were shocked and impressed! Not only did I go in and get this dog, but I demonstrated how obedient she really was. I had trained this animal on silent hand commands in addition many of the things she would do naturally, I had associated hand commands for these things so even the task of using the bathroom, I could get her to do it on command. I had explained that this was important because many times when I went to the stores, I would pretend that I was blind, so the dog went in the store with me. This being the case, she couldn't be allow to use the bathroom in the store, she would have to use it before we went in. She was so mean that if anybody in the store would attempt to approach me, she would act like she was going to eat them alive. All they knew was that there was a blind kid they came through the store that had this big seeing-eye Great Dane. They had seen me so much that they had become accustom to the site of me and after a while no-one question my being there or my seeing-eye dog!

Well after they discovered this, they begin to pay me weekly to walk and work with their dog. In addition others in the neighbor found out that I had done the same thing with their animals, so I had more dogs to walk then I could handle. Misty was the name of the Great Dane, and she was always my favorite. At my age of sixteen, Misty died. She had never been bred so there was never any little Misty's but before her death, Misty won 15 Advance Obedience Trials. She was never able to show in confirmation because she always stayed true to nature and she would bite anybody that came close to her that she didn't know!

Over the next few years, I trained many dogs, from both near and far. I had one family that had Doberman Pinchers and where Misty had been the only pure bred dog up to this point, I was now contracted at age seventeen to train these two dogs. I found these dogs to be the smartest I had ever worked with and easy to train. I had these animals doing things that simply amazed people. I knew that when I became an adult, I wanted Dobermans.

At age nineteen, I was running the Obedience training classes at the National Guard Armory. In one of my classes, I had an Air force Dog Handler. He had gone through the training program the military provided however he became impressed with the way I handled dogs and the ease by which I was able to train and show people how to train. He once commented that he thought that I was part canine because I had such a good understanding of the animals. He later convinced me to go into the military as a Dog Training Instructor. I went into the Air force, whereas I spent three years at Lackland Air force Base in Texas. I learned everything the military had to teach me and hated every minute of it. My fun came after getting out of the military and going abroad in Southeast Asia. I was contracted on several Military Bases through their recreation services. This was to conduct training classes for military and military ID card holders. Finally I got the chance to redevelop and define my training techniques. In addition to the military personnel, I begin to train dogs for many of the Political Heads of the Country. Even the dogs owned by the President of the Country were bred and trained by myself. Just like I had wanted, I owned, bred and trained Doberman Pinchers. I only saw the German Shepherds in training classes!

To this day, I feel Dobermans are some of the smartest dogs in the world, but they lacked a lot of the characteristics I sought in a good dog. I tried the Rottweilers for a while but again they didn't meet all my demands. One day, I saw a Neapolitan Mastiff. At first glance, he wasn't appealing to my needs but as I began to work with him, I realized that he was all that I was looking for. He didn't have the speed that the Doberman had, but what he lacked in speed, he made up in his take down powers. Finally I had a stable animal that was extremely loyal, totally affection towards his owner, and had no need to challenge his owner. His aggression developed naturally and yet he remained affectionate to the family. The perfect protector for the children and the family. When allowed out on his own, he would stay close to his home, without training. Smart as a whip, and the only demands he makes of you, is love and a little attention. Always willing to lay his life on the line for his family and property but also good in his social skills. Unlike the Dobermans that I loved so much, with their aggression came instability in their social skills. My first Neapolitan wasn't impressive appearance wise (as far as breed standards go) but she was the best dog in the world. Of all the dogs I have owned and trained, I can't say that I've had a better dog. This is what made me decide to become a breeder of the Neapolitan Mastiff. I have preserved much of Cleopatra's intelligence in my current line. Even though Cleopatra wasn't extremely typee, she still weighed 145lbs. Not a lot of loose skin of the body but she had a good head and face dewlaps. She was a lot tighter in her movements and extremely fast on her feet for her size. We now strive to breed true typee Neapolitan Mastiff's of the best quality. We are a young kennel with some very exciting things happening over the next few years.

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